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Devil Breaker


Enter the Kingdom of Pendragon and defeat the evil King!=== GAME FEATURES ===
■ An epic FANTASY STRATEGY SIMULATION GAME with the VAST inventories and characters!Play with 100+ HEROES with unique characteristics and skills. With 10 different CLASSES, 5 elements of nature as well as thousands of itemsCombine, forge, organize your HEROES and items with your own strategies & tactics!!
■ Have FUN with direct control of your HEROESControl your HEROES on hexagonal board to defeat your enemy, to explore and to complete missions. With NEW hexagonal battle control, you will instantly LOVE the game play!
■ Collect and Level Up HEROESCollect Heroes with different elements, classes, characteristics, skills and equipmentLevel Up your HEROES and gain new skills to mix and match your team and plan new strategies!
■ VARIOUS Modes and Quests to play with!Play GUILD RAID with FRIENDS and compete!Test your Heroes DECK in the UNDERGROUND MAZE! And in DAILY DUNGEON! Try the EXPEDITON to test your controls and strategies
Don’t just read about it, JUST PLAY!!
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